When Should I Go See a Chiropractor?

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Chiropractors are health care professionals who are specifically trained to physically adjust the body to treat all sorts of issues. The Chiropractic school of thought believes that misalignments in the body cause certain disorders.

Obviously, the body’s physical structure is not the only cause of ailments. For instance, lack of sleep can cause headaches, so there would be no need to see a chiropractor. You may ask yourself, “When should I go see a chiropractor?” A chiropractor should not be the first option, but they shouldn’t be the last either. Here are some common reasons why people go to see chiropractors.

Sudden, Sharp or Shooting Pain

It is not uncommon for sudden, sharp pain in the arms, shoulders, legs and especially the lower back to be caused by a lack of blood flow or misalignment. Sometimes you can try to solve this with exercise and stretching, but if that does not work after a couple of weeks or proves to be too painful, then you may want to consider a chiropractor.

Chronic Joint or Muscular Pain

This type of pain is consistent. Strength training can be used to help chronic pain. If you happen to feel chronic pain by moving your muscles or joints for a long period of time, then chiropractic treatment may be just what you need.

Uneven Motion Control

Uneven motion control can be caused by a number of issues, like working sitting down for long periods of time, or walking in a strange way as a result of an old injury. Limps or uneven shoe-wear-and-tear are a couple of things that indicate uneven motion control. If you start to notice that you are walking or sitting unevenly, or perhaps having trouble moving your arms, legs or neck in a certain direction, you may want to see a chiropractor.

Critical Injuries

Anything from car accidents, to athletics, can cause a critical injury to the way you move. As you can tell from the “uneven motion control” section, injuries can cause you to move improperly in the long term, leading to pain and further injuries. If you are injured in such a way as to hurt the neck, back or any other joints so that it changes the way you move, you should consider going to a chiropractor.


Believe it or not, headaches are not only caused by stress or lack of sleep but they can also be caused by misalignment. Most of the time, this has to do with the alignment of the neck. Make sure to sleep regularly, exercise and diet before you consider seeking professional help about headaches, as these are the most common and best treatments for headaches. If you start to have a series of headaches after standing or sitting for a long time or at the end of the day, a Chiropractor may be able to help.

Bottom Line

Chiropractors specialize in manually treating the alignment of the body, so any pain that can be attributed to how you move, sit or stand could possibly be alleviated by chiropractic treatment. If possible, make sure to be referred to a chiropractor by your doctor.