What Should I Do About Lower Back Pain?
October 4, 2017
Benefits of Chiropractic Care
December 7, 2017
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                After a long day, nothing feels quite as nice as a massage. But did you know there are medical benefits to massages as well? Here are some ways massage therapy promotes better health:
1.       A little R&R goes a long way. When you’re stressed, your body produces Cortisol. This leads to weight gain, trouble sleeping, problems with digestion, and severe headaches. Massages are the best way to relax, as it soothes you physically, mentally, and emotionally.
2.       Less stress. There are long term benefits of receiving massage therapy. While each session rids your body of its current stress levels, studies have shown that getting massages on a regular basis can increase energy levels, reduce overall pain, and decrease your chances of stress affecting your body.
3.       Better blood pressure. Maintaining a massage therapy routine can bring your systolic and diastolic blood pressure down to a more normal level. Makes sense, as your body will be less stressed and you won’t feel pain. Massages also assist with bothersome triggers, such as anxiety, tension, hostility, and depression. With a lower blood pressure, your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, and/or renal failure are also decreased.
4.       Less muscle tension. With massage therapy, the muscles are relaxed and the tension that’s been built up is released. Dopamine and serotonin levels increase, which are well known pain-killing hormones. When you’re body is relaxed, it’s able to recover. Relaxed muscles can also increase your flexibility and send nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues.
5.       Improves circulation. When the muscles are relaxed, new blood flows to tense muscles, helping them heal. Lactic acid is also removed with hands-on pressure, which improves lymph fluid circulation and removes metabolic waste from the organs and muscles.
6.       Better posture. Many suffer from chronic back pain, which is the result of bad posture. If you’re overweight and use improper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects, this can only add to the pain you’re experiencing. With massage therapy, your pain levels will decrease, so sitting/standing in the correct posture will be more comfortable for you to achieve.
7.       Builds a stronger immune system. When you’re stressed, it’s easy to contract an illness or be susceptible to an injury. Add in lack of sleep and a poor diet, and you’ve got a weak immune system. Massage therapy can help build a strong cytotoxic capacity for the body.