About Allied Healthcare

Why we help

Here at Allied Healthcare, we are your ally in good health. It is our mission to make sure you feel your absolute best everyday. We know life has it's up and downs and we don't want your health to be one of those!

Our history

Allied Healthcare was started out of necessity. We wanted to create a place where people could go to get help with just about anything medical that is bothering them or a loved one.

Allied Healthcare - Your ally in good health

Allied Healthcare is a primary care medical practice with additional specialties and ancillary diagnostic services that focuses on families. Our doctors can address any and all of your health concerns. We have primary care providers who specialize in family medicine and a network of specialists for any other medical services you may need.

Our office is located in Florence, SC. We provide same-day service and limited wait times, even without an appointment. We accept most major insurance plans.

For an appointment, you can request one using our online form or call us at (843) 629-8893.